Dealing With Stress: Ways To Destress


Finding ways to destress is easier than you may think.

Stress! Can you remember a more stressful time in your life than right now? If you can, yikes! We’ve been racking our brains about how to deal with all the stress in the air and came up with some great suggestions you can use to get a grip.

What IS Stress?

Before we can fight stress, we have to know what it is. Our bodies and minds prefer to be in a state of balance. When this balance gets pushed out of whack, that’s stress. The thing doing the pushing is called a stressor.

Stress doesn’t come from just bad things.. Too much of a good thing can also cause stress! Even the happiest and smoothest wedding can make you feel like a wreck afterward, right? So, how do we find ways to destress and stay in balance?

There are three ways to fight stress. The first is to reduce your exposure to stressors. The second is to make yourself harder to push off balance. The last is to find things to do that pull you back into balance.

Reduce Exposure to Stressors

The old joke says a patient tells a doctor that it hurts whenever he hits himself in the head with a hammer. What does the doctor say? Stop doing that!

If you’re dealing with too much stress, the first step in ways to destress is to reduce your exposure to stressors. To stop hitting yourself with hammers. You may not be able to get rid of the biggest stressors this way, but you’d be surprised how much we do it to ourselves.

Some of these self-caused stressors include:

  • Smoking and drinking
  • Too much complaining
  • Consuming too much social media
  • Constantly comparing yourself to others
  • Doomscrolling
  • Putting yourself down
  • Poor sleep hygiene
  • Too much sitting

You might also have a situation where a lot of outside stress is pushing on you. Some of it you can’t avoid, but sometimes you can. Ever had a friend who constantly complains? Do you have someone in your life that drains all your energy after you’re done with them? That’s a danger sign!

Try to limit your exposure to harmful stressors as much as you can. It’s hard to fix your stress levels when you’re still holding the hammer and hitting yourself!

Building Resistance to Stress

A lot of stress is bad for you, but a little bit is healthy. Exercise is a great example. When we exercise, we put a little stress on the body and can be ways to destress. In response, our bodies get a bit stronger and healthier. If we do it over time, we can handle a lot more than we could before we started.

One of the hard parts of stress is that if we lock ourselves into balance TOO much, our bodies and brains get lazy. We lose all the buffers and we get a lot easier to knock around. A couch potato is a good example, but there are social ones too.

How much social stress have you been able to take these days? Everyone has been in lockdown away from everyone. Some of us aren’t as snappy in conversation, or say something we regret, because we’ve lost the knack to deal with social stressors.

Building resistance is a reason why you’ll see things like exercise and social interactions as ways to destress. While these can be stressful on their own, it’s a healthy kind of stress. As long as we don’t overdo it, it’s good for you.

Pull Yourself Into Balance

We’re sure you all know what self-care is. It’s all those little activities we do to de-stress, which is just pulling ourselves back into a state of balance. When stress strikes and we get knocked off our pedestal, we need to climb back on somehow!

Everyone’s self-care routine is different, but it’s important for all of us to have one these days. It could be pampering yourself. It could be doing an activity you love to do. It could be spending time with a loved one. Whatever it is, find it!

One Roller To Help You Out!

Essential oil roller blend for stress

There are also solutions to stress provided by Mother Nature. There are certain aromatherapy scents that drop our stress levels fast that can be ways to destress. We’ve put many of them into our Get A Grip Stress Blend Oil Roller.

The power of lavender and frankincense, both relaxing EOs, each roller also contains the essential oil of Copaiba which works with our body’s endo system to pull stress out of our bodies and return us back to center.

This roller also contains exotic scents like bergamot, ylang ylang (a tropical flower), patchouli, and blue tansy to activate all the channels for draining mental stress from the body. Simply roll a little bit on your temples and behind your earlobes and you can feel it working fast!

Natural Destressing Remedies

Besides Get A Grip, there are other natural remedies that you can use to bring your body and mind back into balance as ways to destress. Combine these with our roller and you’ll have a powerful all-natural barrier to stress in your life.

First, get a little sunshine! Step outside for at least a half hour each day. You don’t have to be in the hot sun or in the rain. Just get some fresh air and your eyes away from a screen and onto nature. There’s something about nature that instantly starts to relax our bodies.

Have you been drinking enough water? If all you’re drinking is coffee (or worse, energy drinks), work on switching to water! The caffeine in these puts a lot of stress on the body (google “excitotoxin” for more on this.) Green tea is a good way to step down from stronger caffeine sources and has its own benefits.

A good walk is also extremely healthy for a host of reasons. Carve yourself time for a 15 minute walk each day. You don’t have to walk fast or build up a sweat. Just take a stroll somewhere. This is quiet time for your brain and gentle exercise for your body. If you can, do more!

Try these three along with our Get A Grip roller as a start for your own self-care routine. Given the times we live in, we need all the help we can get! We just have to reach out and take it.

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