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Menstrual Relief

Menstrual cramps can be very painful and get worse during peri menopause. This soothing blend will ease your pain along with a beautiful scent.

Go With The Flo Roll On For Women


Nausea Relief

This blend was created to help ease the feeling of a queasy tummy during treatment, long car rides, seasickness, after a night out, or anytime you start to feel off.

Soothe Nausea Blend


Headache Relief

Break apart tension, cluster, and migraines by rolling our Tension Breaker Release Blend over the tense spot. This product works well with our CBD Tincture for headache management.

Tension Breaker Headache Roll On Blend


Joint Pain Support

Zero In on joint pain and get targeted relief from arthritis and other inflammatory ailments.

Zero In Joint Relief Blend


Reduce Soreness

Our premium CBD Sport Cream is formulated to support muscle health and reduce the soreness of overworked muscles.

Premium CBD Sports Cream

with 1000mg of CBD


Joint Health

Our premium CBD Softgels with Curcumin are specially formulated to support joint health and inflammation.

Nano CBD Softgel

with Curcumin


Our Peri- Menopause Monthly bundle was created with three pain points in mind. Menstrual cramps, headaches, and stress.

Peri Menopause Bundle

Save 10% when purchasing these products together.


Pain Relief

Joint stiffness and sore muscles….we’ve got you covered! We’re talking pain management.

Pain Relief Bundle

Save 10% by purchasing these products together


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At Plant Juice Oils®, we believe in developing products with purpose that harness the medicinal properties given to us by Mother Nature.