Experience a calming, refreshing, or a pick-me-up scent with Mask It, our line of Essential Oils Face Mask Sprays.


Wheel of Wellness

Plant Juice products feature blends of essential oils or CBD-infused essential oils in order to deliver a variety of benefits–a wheel of wellness and relief from disrupted sleep,headaches, stress, sore muscles, joint pain and more. CBD is a natural cannabis compound that also has significant healing properties. This is why we often blend our organic Broad Spectrum CBD (containing zero trace of THC) with our powerful essential oils. We have created the ultimate CBD and Essential oil blends on the market for the relief of everyday ailments. Their recent introduction of Mask It, a line of Essential Oil Face Mask Sprays without any CBD, helps alleviate some of the difficulties of wearing a mask everyday.



Verified Purchase Review

Amazing results! I use Doze Off and Zero In and not only am I sleeping better, I get so much relief in my joints from exercising. Plant Juice Oils are trusted products that gives great results! Initially I was skeptical about CBD products in general, but after researching various companies and getting an impressive referral from a friend that used Plant Juice Oils, I made a purchase and the rest is history! Love, Love, Love the products!

Sylvia Jasso

Verified Purchase Review

I wear my mask for hours at a time shopping or being outdoors. The lavender mask mist is genius!!! You know that sort of anxiety feeling ya get just knowing you have to put your mask on…you need not feel anxious. This mist (purchase lavender) on a mask will help us get through this…we are in this together. A must-purchase. I’m purchasing more for my family. One who is a ]school] principal!

Isabel CB

Verified Purchase Review

The first time I used Tension Breaker was at the start of a 2-day intense class I had to pass…. I used it at the start of the day and immediately felt the tension melt away, more relaxed and confident in the work I had put in to assure I crushed the class ! I will always have this roll-on with me.

Elizabeth P

Verified Purchase Review

I carry a small bottle of Chill Out in my purse and have a large bottle at home. The spray works instantly to remedy a hot-flash or being overheated. What I did not expect is that I can use the spray without drawing attention to myself. The oils smell great, but are not overwhelming. The spray does its job without leaving anything noticeable on my face or neck. I will keep Chill Out on hand at all times. Thanks Plant Juice Oils!!

Jason Goldstein

Verified Purchase Review

This is a life changer!!! A couple drops under my tongue and it makes my day calm and less stressful. It does not make me drowsy or zoned like other products. Just a perfect state if balance. This is a must and I recommend it to everyone! Thank you for changing my life.


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