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My boyfriend loves it.

He says it soothes his face and helps him wind down before bed!

— Merry

Smells so good.

Easy to apply. Very effective. I will buy again.

— ulie P.

Love, love, love this…

Love this for sanitizing my yoga mat & accessories in a non toxic way. My chaturanga has never smelled so good 🙂

— Lee S.

This spray is so refreshing…

It leaves an ever so slightly tingling coolness that feels amazing in this New Orleans heat!

— Crystalyn A.

Just the boost I need…

Rev Up helps me maintain an energy balance throughout the day. When I am starting to feel tired, I roll some on my wrists and temples for just the boost I need. Not a JOLT, but a nudge to keep me rolling through the day.

— Beth P.

Beat sleeping aid I have…

Beat sleeping aid I have ever used. Years of insomnia and have tried it all! Thank you!!

— Mel

Essential Oils

We create products with a purpose using the medicinal properties of nature. Our innovative process optimizes Essential Oil terpenes and Cannabinoids from hemp for elevated wellness. Our enriched blends also enhance therapeutic benefits with the magnifying properties of Essential Oils.

Our innovative process yields an optimized formulation of plant extracts, whether Essential Oil terpenes or Cannabinoids from hemp. Our enriched blends take the therapeutic benefits of our products to the next level by leveraging the magnifying properties that Essential Oils can provide.
In our CBD infused products, we use broad spectrum oil to ensure a superior product that retains all of the natural beneficial compounds of the organic, cruelty-free, non-GMO hemp plants we use. By employing the whole hemp plant in our process, we retain the therapeutic terpenes in our CBD oil that single-molecule, isolate oils do not. There is zero THC in our CBD- so you cannot get high.
Our CO2 extraction process is environmentally friendly and minimizes the thermal degradation of the plant materials. While others employ harsh chemical solvents, our chemical-free, ‘cold’ process maintains temperatures closest to that of the natural plant material.
We engage third-party independent lab analysis to ensure your safety and to provide you with only the highest quality products. The third-party labs identify and analyze the cannabinoid content and terpenes and ensure that our all-natural products do not contain any synthetics or perfumes. Certificates of analyses for our products are available upon request to all of our customers.

We believe in the maximizing power that comes from the blending of natural plant extracts

Our founders believe in the maximizing power that comes from the natural plant extracts, like those in essential oils and broad spectrum CBD. Personal adversities within their families were the ultimate inspiration for their development of Plant Juice Oils®.