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Relax in Bed

Create a beautiful bedtime ritual by spritzing your bed linens just before you lay your head down and let the scent of lavender and bergamot take you away into a sweet slumber.

Relax Linen Spray


Sweet Slumber

Get the night of rest your body is craving while you Doze Off with this ultra-relaxing blend of  Lavender, Tangerine, Cedarwood, and other essential oils

Doze Off Sleep Roller


Sweet Slumber

If you struggle with sleep, this is the Bundle for you. Two products that will elevate your sleep routine for a solid night of sleep without waking up feeling hungover.

Sleep Bundle

Save 10% when purchasing these products together.


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At Plant Juice Oils®, we believe in developing products with purpose that harness the medicinal properties given to us by Mother Nature.