plant juice oils

At Plant Juice Oils®, we believe in the medicinal properties given to us by Mother Nature.


All products do not contain synthetics or perfumes


Our ingredients are grown organically, cruelty-free, and non-GMO


Our innovative process yields an optimized formulation of plant extracts


All products are third-party tested and verified through a Ph.D. chemist

Our mission

We strive to enlighten women by inviting a holistic approach towards women's wellness. We root our mission in our personal experiences with these powerful plants.

Our story

Personal family health struggles were our founder’s ultimate inspiration in the developing Plant Juice Oils®

Amber Laign and Marci Freede met at a NYC dog park and quickly bonded over Amber’s passion for essential oils and using lavender as a go to for a sleep aid. Marci became intrigued and the two found themselves on the same mission—in search of a holistic help for their loved one’s health struggles. 

This evolved into making products for family and friends who all wanted more—especially Amber’s life partner, Robin Roberts from Good Morning America, and Alexa Freede, Marci’s daughter. Helping them through their healthy journeys really pushed Amber and Marci towards their ah-ha moment—sharing their gift to help people get through their everyday health struggles.

They dove right into research and soaked up all the information available about essential oils and how powerful these little drops can be. While family and friends thought they lost their minds, Amber and Marci knew they were onto something bigger.  They would then create products that would be beneficial and incredibly effective for women’s health. Plant Juice Oils was born!