Bye Bye Muscle Pain


Discover relief from muscle pain with essential oils.

The Mind Prep

We all want to be in the best shape possible and this includes mind, body, and spirit.

Let’s start with the work outs.  It’s the new year and you are pumped to try a new workout routine.   You are listening to what your inner voice has been telling you “Try that class you’ve had your eyes on.”  It’s the first week into the new year and you hit it HARD!  You are all in with nutrition, sleep, and moving your body.  YES!  High five yourself because starting is the hardest part of all of this.  Truly.  High five yourself.

The Workout

You enter class with nerves on alert accompanied with jitters, but before you know it you are moving and groovin and feel fantastic!  Your adrenaline is pumping, sweat is dripping and you are lifting heavier weights.  Not to mention you just flew through five burpees!  You leave class feeling like you just climbed the highest mountain and everything outside is in hyper color due to the endorphins rushing through your body.

The Following Day

You awake from a deep sleep because your body is absolutely wrecked from putting it through the equalevant of a Tough Mudder event.  You sit up, stretch and take your first steps.  Then you enter the bathroom.  Holy mother of…..sitting on the toilet is absolute torture as you feel deep muscle pain.  The toilet feels like it’s 5 feet below you and you have to perform another deep squat until you can rest on the seat.  The muscle pain is deep and very painful.  But what if I told you there was a cream that will be your best friend throughout this journey of yours.  One that will deep penetrate those sore muscles and have you ready for your next workout in no time.  A cream that will have you sitting on that toilet with ease, climbing stairs, and picking up your little ones with ease.

 sports cream to relieve muscle pain

Our Sports Cream was developed to help relieve deep muscle tension due to exertion from working out, over use, and chronic discomfort. Relieving broad areas of muscle pain  while penetrating deep into the deep layers of the skin and into the muscle fibers.  Resulting in a heat cool sensation.  The best part, a small pea size will do the trick!  Making recovery time so much quicker.

Smaller Areas of Pain

If you find yourself with discomfort in your joints or smaller areas on your body, our Zero In roller blend is for you!  Made with essential oils of lemon, douglas fir, frankincense, eucalyptus, nutmeg, and helichrysum.  Easy to roll on and apply to smaller areas of discomfort.

Applying zero in joint pain roller to help relieve muscle pain

So keep at it. Follow through with your goals and know that all your hard work in that 60 minute class will pay off!

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