Essential Oils For The Home


The Benefits of Essential Oils to Clean Your Home

Essential oils for the home and your body are a great idea!  Humans have treasured these vital plant essences for thousands of years in the home, from strewing crushed herbs on a dirt floor to today’s distillation processes.

Over time, we came to realize that certain essential oils do more than cover up foul smells. They also help with cleaning. One of the most well-known examples is Pine-Sol, although today’s formula only contains pine oil for the scent and not for its cleaning power.

Why Lavender For the Home Cleans So Well

Did you know that the word lavender comes from the Latin word ‘lavare’, meaning to wash? It’s no wonder then that it’s found in many cleaning products. It holds a special place in our Relax Linen Spray, made with a blend of lavender and bergamot oils.  Spray on your bed linens creating a beautiful clean scent yet relaxing to help you gently fall sound asleep.

If you’ve ever smelled a bottle of lavender essential oil, you know how well it calms you down. But lavender also has disinfectant properties, which make this spray perfect for cleaning masks and cleaning your home. It’s a two-in-one special, and it’s all-natural to boot. No wonder humans have used this herb since at least the time of the Romans for cleaning!

Essential oil linen spray to help you relax and gently fall asleep

Citrus Oils Cut The Home Crud

Citrus essential oils for the home.  These include grapefruit, sweet orange, and bergamot oils. Like lavender, these have antibacterial properties and are great at cutting through yucky messes.

You’ve seen grapefruits and sweet oranges before, but what is bergamot? Bergamot is a type of bitter orange. It looks like a wrinkly bumpy lime, and you can’t eat it because it’s far too sour and bitter.

The oils in this fruit are used in flavoring food and beverages. Have you ever had Earl Grey tea before? Bergamot oil is one of the main flavorings that give that tea its distinct flavor. Look for brands that use natural bergamot oil though, because there are synthetics out there!

The Wonders Of Witch Hazel

Another oil found in our sprays is witch hazel oil. Witch hazel is most well known for relieving itchy skin. You can find it in a lot of natural mosquito-bite sprays. But it also has antibacterial properties, which is why you can find it in sanitizing sprays like ours.

The key bit in witch hazel is its high level of tannins. The bitterness in your black tea is because of tannins, but witch hazel has far more. Tannins are a protective that keep bugs from eating a plant, and that includes tiny bacterial bugs!


Namaste At Home Spray

Finally, we have a special product announcement!  Our Namaste At Home spray. This spray is the latest in our line of cleaning and sanitizing sprays for the home.

As the name suggests, this spray was designed for all the yoga practitioners reading the blog. It’s meant for cleaning yoga mats after practice sessions, but it can be used for any gym equipment and can be used to clean the home as well.

We hope that the scent of this India-inspired cleansing spray will inspire you to deepen your practice of yoga, inspire you to lift weights, and give you another tool in the battle against bad home odors.

sanitizing spray for yoga mats gym equipment or for the home

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