Spring Clean Your Wellness


Spring Clean Your Wellness

The first day of Spring is coming quickly, and if you haven’t already started cleaning out your home, then the clock is ticking! Spring cleaning makes your home so much fresher, and it shows you just how much hidden dirt can build up!

You can clean more than just your home. Your health also deserves a spring cleaning, too. We’re going to share some tips to help you boost your health now that the weather is getting warmer. Time to clean out our Winter blues!

Start Moving More

Winter is a time of rest and recuperation. The cold keeps us inside and that can really wreck an exercise plan. Now that it’s getting warmer, it’s time to move more and enjoy the outdoors. We have to keep moving to stay healthy.

You can pick a goal like getting 10,000 steps in a day, but a much more natural way to get your exercise is to find a set of movements you enjoy doing. This could be something formal like tai chi or yoga, but really any movement is better than staying stuck on the couch watching Netflix or TikTok for hours on end.

Even just staying outside for a half hour a day and moving around can be the thing to shake off some of your winter blues. Movement wakes you up and raises your mood. It’s why exercise is a great way to fight depression. It’s a natural mood booster!

Afraid of doing too much? It’s hard to do too much movement, but if you feel a little sore, then try our Zero In Joint Relief Blend. Rub some on your painful points and let the power of essential oils remove the pain fast.

Get Your Sleep Schedule Right

Sleep is our most important activity for healing the body, and Spring can be an awful time to get your sleep schedule right. Our body’s sleep biorhythm uses light to control when to sleep and wake up, and the increasing light of Spring can make it hard to go to sleep.

Try to make your bedroom quiet and dark, and stay away from screens for at least a half hour before bed. The blue light from screens matches the same light that tells our bodies to wake up. Too much screen time at night will make it harder to go to sleep.

You should also be careful of Daylight Saving Time. That extra hour jump is responsible for a lot of problems! We don’t just mean grogginess. The Monday after the time switch is one of the most dangerous times for a car accident! Try to adjust your sleep schedule a few days beforehand slowly so it doesn’t hit you hard.

Get Some Sun, But Not Too Much

Sunlight is one of those things that’s both good for you and bad for you, so we have to deal with it smartly. First, let’s look at the good. Our body needs sunlight! When sunlight strikes the skin, the UVB rays penetrate the skin and start a process to convert cholesterol into Vitamin D3.

Vitamin D3 is used for all sorts of things in the body, from immune health to strong bones. Many people suffer from a deficiency, especially after winter. If you want to take your healthy Spring a step further, get a Vitamin D3 test from your doctor and see if you’re low, then follow their advice to bring your levels up.

Unfortunately, those same UVB rays are the ones that can damage your skin over time. Too much sun exposure is a major factor in skin cancers, and we all know what happens when our skin gets too dry or burns!

Here’s our advice. If you’re going to be out for only a half hour, skip the sunscreen unless you know you burn easily. Try to do this at least once every other day to help your body make Vitamin D3. Beyond that, use sunscreen with at least SPF 50 and reapply it regularly to help protect your body from sun damage.

Avoid Screens Early in the Day

In this go-go-go world, we often yank our bodies out of sleep with an alarm and immediately jump to some kind of screen. This may make us feel ‘productive’, but it’s not great for our health. Taking a half hour in the morning to greet the day will make us feel much better.

A slow start to the day will help balance your sleep and wake cycle, help you shake off any drowsiness, and give you time to be mindful about how you’ll start the day. An early morning walk can be just the thing to get enough sun on your skin too. Early morning sunlight is less harsh on the skin and still helps produce Vitamin D3.

You can also use this time to meditate. If you have trouble with falling asleep during meditation, doing it soon after rising will make it harder to fall asleep again. Just don’t do it in your bed! Make a separate place for practice, and try to do it in a place where you get natural sunlight. This will also help with your body’s rhythms.

You can also take some time in the morning to contemplate which of our rollers you’ll need that day. Feel your cycle coming on? Grab some Go With The Flow. Feeling a bit sleepy? Try Rev Up Energy Blend. Look at all of our rollers and see which ones you might need to have on hand.

There are other things you can try, like a 3-day detox or trying a Spring fast to sweep out the last heaviness of all that Winter comfort food, to get your body ready for Spring. Take these tips and start working on your wellness. You’ll have a healthier Spring, with better sleep, healthier cycles, and more energy!

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