Doze Off Sleep Blend Oil Roller with 50mg CBD




  • Broad Spectrum CBD Oil
  • Lavender
  • Tangerine
  • Cedarwood
  • Roman Chamomile
  • Marjoram
  • Vetiver
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil

. For the proper preservation of your purchase, we recommend storing your oils upright in a cool dark place.

50mg CBD (10ml roller bottle)

Nobody likes lying awake at night when you gotta get up for a busy day tomorrow. Don’t let your brain keep you up! Try a dab of Doze Off Sleep Blend when you’re ready for bed and let the scent carry you to Dreamland.

Made For: Sweet Slumber

How: Get the night of rest your body is craving while you Doze Off with this ultra relaxing blend of CBD, Lavender, Tangerine, Cedarwood and other essential oils

Where: Roll on to inside of wrists, behind earlobes, and bottom of big toe

When: Apply when you are ready to go to bed

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95 reviews for Doze Off Sleep Blend Oil Roller with 50mg CBD

  1. Ashley H.

  2. hberdan

    I have been using for about 2 weeks & really see an improvement in my sleep. I highly recommend to anyone with sleep struggles!

  3. Kyle

    Use it every night and I don’t wake up as often.

  4. Kyle

    Use it every night and I don’t wake up as often.

  5. Eileen McClay

    I have struggled on and off with anxiety induced insomnia for several years. Lately, it has become a frequent bedfellow with the 3:00 am silent wake up call, and the struggle to go back to sleep. I have tried Melatonin, “droning” podcasts…you name it to turn off the wheels that seem to spin in my brain keeping me awake. Recently I was given a sample of Doze Off and after 90 minutes of another 3:00 am wake up call, I decided to try it. I thought if anything, I could lay awake and enjoy Doze Off’s soothing smell. It smells really good.

    Next thing I knew it was 8:40 am! I can’t remember the last time I slept that late!
    It’s been my “go to” ever since when I find myself awake in the middle of the night.

  6. Jennifer Moran

    When going on a trip I NEVER leave home with my Doze Off!! This is truly the best sleep I’ve ever had!!

  7. Margarita R.

    I find that after about 4-5 hours the effect and scent wears off. Definitely does help in nights when brain is over active and finding it hard to shut off.

  8. Jennifer H.

    I love doze off. I fall asleep so quickly. Solid night sleep.

  9. Ellen S.

    I just bought Doz Off and used it when I had a lot on my mind and was unable to fall asleep right away. So far so good! I slept through the night without waking up. I will continue to use the product. It smells great too!

  10. Jennifer M.

    I can’t say enough good things about my plant juice oils!! I sleep better and have more energy!! Can’t go a day/night without them!!

  11. Susan B.

    I have trouble sleeping and this has been a real game changer for me! Still have some nights when mind won’t shut down, but for me since purchasing and using doze off I’ve slept the best I have in years. Thank you PJO!

  12. Susan B.

    I have trouble sleeping and this has been a real game changer for me! Still have some nights when mind won’t shut down, but for me since purchasing and using doze off I’ve slept the best I have in years. Thank you PJO!

  13. Phyllis E.

    This is my second order of Doze Off. I love it! It gives you the best night’s sleep with no morning haze. Thank you for fixing the leaky roller issue as promised. I hope to see Doze Off on a shelf at a local store one day. Every person with any sleep issue should try it. You can thank me later! Phyllis

  14. Elizabeth P.

    My 13 year old Westie, Tori, had become restless throughout the night. I first purchased Doze Off for her. When she began to sleep better, I wondered if my sleep could be improved. And now we are both Doze Off fans. If you have been using manufactured sleep aids, do yourself a favor and try this all natural product!

  15. Julie T.

    Smells nice but I haven’t noticed any difference at all.

  16. Dawn S.

    I have been using the oils for hot flashes. So far they are not helping. I’m going to give the oils another week or so..

  17. Linda S.

    Hi, I actually bought these to give as birthday gifts to my sisters in May. Although I can’t comment on “Doze Off”, I do use the “Get A Grip” and feel that it reduces my stress. I purchased a second bottle so I could have one at work and one at home. Thank you!

  18. Gio B.

    I tried Plant Juice Oils after experimenting with other essential oils. The others were not bad, but there is something truly special about the Plant Juice blends. In fact, after night one, it transformed my sleeping patterns. After spending months waking up several times in the middle of the night, I’m now benefitting from a truly deep sleep like never before. I only wake up when my alarm clock goes off. I’m so refreshed that I’m able to get a 20-minute high-intensity cardio session in before I even go to work. I was never able to do that. Excited to see the long-term benefits!

  19. Terri C.

    I highly recommend this product and I have finally found a safe effect way to naturally fall asleep and wake up feeling rested and ready to start my day! I no longer need prescribed or OTC sleep medication. Oh and the oil smells amazing too!!

  20. Ilene E.

    Mellows you out and relaxes to allow sleep to come. No groggy feeling in the morning.

  21. Rosemary P.

    So happy to use natural products for a sleep aid 🙂

  22. Cha-yi H.

    After recently reading about the positive effects of essential oils and preferring to use natural remedies, I? decided to give it a try. My sleep had become consistently restless, so I? decided on the Doze Off roll-on. I? out a little on my temples and the base of my neck. Not only did it smell pleasant, but I’ve been sleeping better and deeper. If you are on the fence about this product, I? would highly recommend giving it a try.

  23. Guest

    I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and I couldn’t be happier with it. When used consistently it really helps to set you up for a deep and restful sleep. Thank you!

  24. Rachel W.

    Sleep roller really works! I was an oil skeptic but decided to try. I fell asleep faster and stayed asleep longer. I’m a believer! I will def be trying some of the other blend and passing on this company to everyone I know. Fast shipping and a great user friendly website. A+

  25. Jennifer H.

    This roller is amazing. For years I have struggled with both falling asleep and staying asleep. Since I started using this roller, I have had the best sleep in years. I have already recommended to people who I know struggle with sleep already. I love the website too! Easy to use and quick shipping!

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