Elevate Your Wellness.

Products with advanced therapeutic benefits to take your everyday to the next level.


Elevate Your Wellness.

Products with advanced therapeutic benefits to take your everyday to the next level.

CBD are three of the most talked about letters today.

Whether on social media or talking to friends and family, CBD is a HOT topic. So what makes these 3 letters so special?

CBD is a natural cannabis compound that has significant medicinal benefits. Because it is non-psychoactive and CANNOT make you high, it is an appealing option for people looking for relief from:


Nervous System

  • Relaxation
  • Everyday Stress
  • Anti-Convulsant
  • Mood Enhancer

Circulatory System

  • Anti-ischemic
  • Raises Cerebral Blood Flow

Digestive System

  • Relieves Contractions of the Small Intestines
  • Improves Gut Health

Muscular & Skeletal

  • Bone Growth
  • Muscle Tension Relief
  • Reduces Inflammation due to Exercise
  • Muscle Repair

Whole Body Protection

  • Free Radical Fighter
  • Inhibits blood cells that feed tumors
  • Lowers Discomfort Levels

Endocrine & Immune System

  • Lowering Blood Sugar
  • Regulates and Balances
  • Slows Bacteria Growth

Inside the human body, we have the Endocannabinoid System with receptors throughout the body, including the brain. These receptors are called CB1 and CB2, and they are involved in a series of processes inside our body that regulate mood, pain sensation, appetite and memory, just to name a few.

CB1 receptors are what THC attaches to, and are mostly found in the central nervous system.

CB2 receptors are what CBD attaches to, which are found in the immune system. It’s these receptors that give CBD the ability to help heal your body.

Take Your Wellness to the Next Level.

Only Plant Juice Oils has developed an optimized formulation of full spectrum CBD and Essential oils that significantly magnifies their naturally occurring therapeutic benefits. These key ingredients combine to help you elevate your daily wellness and ultimately achieve your best self.

Love from our Plant Juice Peeps!

Jennifer H.

"The Doze Off roller is amazing. For years I have struggled with both falling asleep and staying asleep. Since I started using this roller, I have had the best sleep in years. I have already recommended to people who I know struggle with sleep already. I love the website too! Easy to use and quick shipping!"


"Typically I raise my eyebrows on the efficacy of pretty much everything, but Get a Grip actually helped me to calm down during a very stressful time. Not only did I physically feel a bit more relaxed, but also the ritual of putting it on was also a reminder that everything is going to be ok! I recommend this for yourself and also any person you know who is a stress ball of nervousness."

Beth P.

"Rev Up helps me maintain an energy balance throughout the day. When I am starting to feel tired, I roll some on my wrists and temples for just the boost I need. Not a JOLT, but a nudge to keep me rolling through the day."