Way To Tune Into The Joys Of Fall


From where we are, the air is crisper and there’s piles of leaves falling down everywhere. That can only mean one thing. We’re in the middle of the Fall season! Every season has its own energy and activity. Tuning into it can really help you to connect with Mother Nature’s rhythms.

Many of us do this unconsciously anyway. There’s this feeling of pushing to get everything done before Winter hits, but also a feeling of thankfulness that most of the work of the year is done before that more restful time. Small wonder that Canada and America have their Thanksgiving celebrations during this time!

We want to share with you some things we do to help us tune into the joy of this season. There’s more to it than holiday preparations and dealing with the hangover of back-to-school stress!

Eating Fall Foods

There are certain foods that most of us only eat during the Fall season. Eating seasonal foods is a great way to connect with the energy of the season, and what could be more seasonal than pumpkin?

There’s much more you can do with it than make pies though! It’s just a squash like any other. If you know how to make things with acorn squash, you can do the same sort of things with pumpkin. You just might have to cook it a little longer since their flesh is thicker.

Go on a Hike

There’s only one time each year where you can enjoy the sight of changing leaves and feel them crackle underneath your feet on a good hike. It’s also a very pleasant time for a walk because it’s not too hot nor too cool.

If you can find some time during the holiday preparations, get out there and do some walking! Roam through the forests and think about the past year and what you’re going to do for the next one. Tune in and see what Mother Nature has to say.

If you’ve walked a little too much and you’re a bit sore, try rubbing in some of our Sports Cream. This is great for taking away minor aches and pains, so have no fear going out for some last-minute Vitamin D.

No leaves where you live? There are still plenty of Fall signs you can look out for on your walks. Look for animals preparing for cooler weather, Fall flowers, and migrating birds flying through the sky back to warmer temperatures.

Freshen Up Winter Bedding

Eventually, you’ll need to break out the winter bedding for the cooler weather ahead. Yes, that means you’ll probably have to wash it! Stored cloth always gets a musty smell after a while. Do you know what causes that?

It’s tiny specks of mold! The natural moisture in the air soaks into the fibers and creates a breeding ground for certain kinds of mold. It’s not enough to make it bloom and spread, but it is enough to make it funky.

After washing your bedding, freshen it up afterward! Our So Fresh Room Spray is perfect for freshening up Fall and Winter linens after you’ve washed away the seasonal mustiness. Follow it up by spraying the inside of your linen chest with Namaste At Home Spray for extra sanitizing before storing your lighter bedding.

Deal with Holiday Stress Early

Isn’t it funny that we put our biggest holidays at a time when we should be slowing down? A lot of women get super-stressed about holidays weeks before they come up. The funny part is that we bring a lot of that stress onto ourselves. If we just sit back, take a breath, and plan early, it wouldn’t be so bad.

Stress can keep us from seeing the right path forward though, so we have two things that can help deal with early holiday stress. Get a Grip Stress Blend and Tension Breaker Release Blend can both bring a sense of calm into your holiday planning.

Already a master at holiday planning? Maybe you know someone else who freaks out at the thought of Thanksgiving or Christmas? These little oil rollers make great gifts! Just rub them on pulse points as necessary to break up stress and help bring focus to your life.

Remember that Fall is a time to wind things up. Mother Nature shows us that it’s to take care of last minute things and enjoy what we’ve brought in this year. Soon it will be time for the deep rest of Winter, but for now, enjoy the Fall while it lasts. Eat some pumpkin, go for a good walk, and get your health in tune for the cooler months ahead.

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