Tension Breaker: Battling Headaches with Essential Oils and CBD

Headaches are the worst! When your head is throbbing, it’s almost impossible to think clearly, let alone accomplish anything. All you want is for it to go away as fast as possible, and, this is where essential oils come in.

Taking an over-the-counter pain reliever is an option, but it is not natural and usually takes at least thirty minutes to start working. Certain essential oils are incredibly helpful at quickly releasing tension in your head and relieving the ache that is ruining your day.

Aromatherapy can also aid in ridding a nasty headache, but for fast and efficient pain relief, topical application is best. Using a blend of tension breaking essential oils on the affected area can kick that headache to the curb in as quickly as 10 minutes. However, combine that with organic CBD oil and you now have a powerhouse recipe that knocks out headaches in record time.

These superstar essential oils combined with CBD are available in a roll-on blend which can be easily and quickly applied as needed. They help you get back to your life and feeling normal again.


This minty fresh oil is incredible for relieving headaches naturally (especially tension headaches). The menthol in this essential oil has shown in studies to help alleviate migraines, reduce pressure, and ease pain. Peppermint essential oil is actually great at opening passageways. Often times, tension headaches are caused from the capillaries in your head getting tight and restricted. When you apply Peppermint to that area, it can enter through the skin and encourage those capillaries to open, which will help your headache go away. In addition, this useful oil is very refreshing and can help you feel uplifted after applying or smelling it.


Eucalyptus essential oil has an herbal and almost medicinal scent that is very recognizable. This oil is incredible for sinus issues. Many tension headaches are caused from pressure in sinus cavities. Eucalyptus can aid in opening these passages, provide a clear head, and relieve pain. It has also shown in studies, that when combined with Peppermint, it can create a relaxing effect to mind and body. This will aid in reducing tension and giving headache relief. Eucalyptus oil is anti-inflammatory and analgesic. These therapeutic benefits help reduce inflammation when applied to an area and alleviate pain, but it is also said to help reduce mental chatter which can also calm tension.


This tremendously versatile essential oil is great for so many things, but we often think of its ability to reduce stress and encourage a sense of calm. Tension headaches are often formed when you feel anxious or overwhelmed.  Simply smelling Lavender oil will help soothe a stressed out mind. In addition, this oil can be used for inflammation as well. So, by using it topically where pain and muscle tightness occur, you can release that pressure and ease that tension.

Another amazing thing that Lavender can do is to help keep migraines from forming. It helps regulate serotonin levels in your body which in turn, reduces pain in the nervous system. Additionally, one study showed that 80% of migraine sufferers who already had an attack reported a major reduction of symptoms by inhaling Lavender oil for 15 minutes.


Traditionally known as the “herb of remembrance,” Rosemary essential oil has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for many issues. One of its best qualities is that it’s a fantastic analgesic or pain reliever – a great option for dealing with a headache. Apply topically to where your headache has formed and soon you will see how great Rosemary can be for alleviating that discomfort.

Rosemary is also helpful in increasing poor circulation. Often times tension headaches are caused from tightness in your muscles causing barriers for free blood flow. Rosemary oil can be beneficial for this problem because it will help blood go back to where it needs to be, causing the spasm to release.


This well-known holy oil has obviously been around for a long time, and is still being used today for good reason. Frankincense essential oil is multi-functional, serving as a natural aid for many problems. The fact that it is a superb anti-inflammatory is one of the major reasons to reach for it when dealing with a headache. Most pain that our bodies feel actually stems from inflammation – and this includes tension headaches. Apply Frankincense oil to the affected area to calm the swelling of the blood vessels.

Moreover, this “king of oils” is also calming for nerves. Inhaling Frankincense oil during times of stress can help soothe the mind, regulate breathing, and encourage you to feel more grounded.


CBD oil is not new. The cannabis plant – in various forms – has been used for millennia as both a material and a medicine. However, new advances in science have allowed for the specific separation of CBD oil from the cannabis plant while eliminating any trace of psychoactive THC. Not only is CBD excellent for pain, inflammation, and a host of other health related issues, but it’s also completely natural.

When combined with the above essential oils, CBD acts in unison to optimize the positive effects and reduce the time required to feel relief. In fact, CBD infused essential oils are becoming very popular in recent times. For example, the Tension Breaker Release Blend CBD Roller offers exactly this – relief designed to target tension headaches. You get the best of everything that essential oils offer, plus the kick of the super-ingredient CBD.

When it comes to headaches, nature offers the best cure. Let us know your favorite natural cure for tension headaches in the comment section below.

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