Get a Grip Stress Blend with 50mg CBD

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50mg CBD (10 ml bottle)

Get a grip on your everyday stress by inviting a gentle wave of calm throughout your body with this special blend of:

  • Broad Spectrum CBD
  • Lavender
  • Bergamot
  • Frankincense
  • Blue Tansy
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Patchouli
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil

Instructions: To help keep your nerves and emotions in check, apply inside of your wrists, on the base of your neck and/or on your temples. We recommend storing your oils upright in a cool dark place.

16 reviews for Get a Grip Stress Blend with 50mg CBD

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  1. Carla Cook (verified owner)

    The “Get a Grip” roller does exactly that! I am a kindergarten teacher, a clinical faculty member of a local college, and a consistent workout fan. I am pulled in many different directions in an average day. The CBD infused roller makes the daily stress melt away!

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    • admin (store manager)

      Hello Carla!
      Thank you so much for your trust in us. We are so happy our Get A Grip roller helps you throughout your day. Have a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year!
      ~Amber and Marci

  2. Ashley H. (verified owner)

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  3. Jason

    This is soooo amazing! I use it all the time and it really centers me! You must try this it will change your life

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  4. Kelli R. (verified owner)

    Love it!! It really works. I use it when I have stressful days at work and it really calms me. This was my first experience with CBD and i am definitely a believer.

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  5. Merilee (verified owner)

    I recently received my Get A Grip roller, and I think it is wonderful. It really calms me down when I have work or home stress or anxiety. I didn’t know how tightly coiled my brain and body were until I started to use this product. I felt good, calm and it was awesome. Amber and Marci were very helpful answering questions that I had. Thank you both for creating these products for us.

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  6. Kyle (verified owner)

    Makes me relaxed

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  7. Elissa

    I’ve been into alternative remedies for more than 20yrs, this is my favorite! I’m reordering because on a very turbulent plane ride, the flight attendant kept complimenting on the wonderful scent. I couldn’t keep this treasure all to my self & gave it to her. #FarewellXanax

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  8. Jennifer F.

    Best CBD products out there!!!!

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  9. Leeanne S.

    Great, the aroma is immediately soothing and calming. I put this on in the morning before meditation to start my day and again at night for a relaxing sleep.

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  10. Ilene E.

    Really helps to take the edge off.

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  11. Susan B.

    So far it is great! Been using for about a week.

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  12. Denise F.

    The oil smells amazing and although I have not found it very effective for my stress it does seem to relax me for a minute of so when initially applied. I surmise I will need to ascertain what the proper dosing shoule be. Great website & delivery time.

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  13. Linda S.

    This was my first order and I like this product. Thank you

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  14. Susan M.

    I LOVE this product! It is so relaxing and smells incredible!

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  15. Elizabeth P.

    I purchased Inner Peace and Chill Out. Both products are excellent quality and smell wonderful. The rollerball is smooth and delivers an appropriate amount in one roll. The spray works beautifully for hot flashes. Marci answered questions I had in a timely fashion. The turnaround time was terrific. I will definitely order more products. Thanks, la


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  16. AP

    Typically I raise my eyebrows on the efficacy of pretty much everything, but this stuff actually helped me to calm down during a very stressful time. Not only did I physically feel a bit more relaxed but also the ritual of putting it on was also a reminder that everything is going to be ok! I recommend this for yourself and also any person you kno

    w who is a stressball of nervousness.

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