Our founders believe in the maximizing power that comes from the blending of natural plant extracts, like those in essential oils and broad spectrum CBD oil. Personal adversities within their families were the ultimate inspiration for their development of Plant Juice Oils®.


Amber Laign is originally from the Bay area in California, but has happily been living in New York City for more than twenty years. She is a licensed massage therapist through the Swedish Institute, specializing in chronic pain. Amber saw the effects of cancer treatments firsthand as the primary caregiver to her partner, Robin Roberts, who underwent life-saving breast cancer treatments in 2007.

In 2012, Amber found herself back in the caregiver role as Robin received a bone marrow transplant. While searching to find a holistic approach to help with the many side effects, Amber discovered the wonderful benefits of combining essential oils with broad spectrum CBD oil.


Marci Freede lives with her twin daughters, Hannah and Alexa, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Being a mother to twins combined with twenty years in the corporate world prepared her well for entrepreneurship. Marci is also currently the owner of two painting studios in New York City.

She discovered the power of essential oils and CBD oil in searching for natural healing alternatives to aid in the health struggles of one of her twins. After experiencing such exceptional benefits and the improvements they made in the life of her own family, she knew that she needed to share the love. You’ll often find Marci and Amber at the studio as they work to develop more Plant Juice Oils® products.