Nature Called- And We Answered!



You know the feeling because we have all been there.  The urge to go to the bathroom but not just any ole visit.  We are talking about number two.   Let’s remove yourself from the comfort of your own home and picture yourself as a guest in someone’s home.  A dinner party for instance.   You’ve enjoyed the hors doeurves, sipped a couple of cocktails and now dinner isn’t sitting too well in your stomach.   You find your way to the bathroom hoping you are able to gently let a little out without making too much of a smelly scene.  You have the faucet turned on because the sound of water masks everything.  EXCEPT  for the smell!  That’s where Nature Calls comes bathroom spray in.   You notice on the back of the toilet where a book of matches will usually lay, a bottle of Nature Calls.  Because let’s be honest, nothing screams “I just fully used your bathroom” like a masked up smell and  burnt match!  

Nature Calls.  An all natural odor neutralizing bathroom spray!   Made with pure essential oils that neutralize odors rather than masking them.  You will  walk out of the bathroom with a feeling of confidence knowing that the bathroom will have a beautiful fresh scent with top notes of lemongrass essential oil.  

Nature Calls is perfect for travel as well.  Whether you are traveling solo, with friends, or accompanied by a loved one, having this essential oil odor removing spray along for the journey will turn your bathroom into a safe space for all.

Using bathroom products that are free of harsh chemicals is important more than ever these days.  With Nature Calls you can be sure there are zero perfumes or synthetics which can lead to various allergic reactions or even worse, unknowingly inflammation throughout the body. 

How to use: Simply spray the bowl before or after you go and let Nature Calls do her magic.  Let’s face it…there are moments when you don’t have time to spray before you go.  Don’t worry Nature Calls has you covered.  

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