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Give your mask the spa treatment with our restorative and refreshing Essential Oils Face Mask Sprays!

When New York City became the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020, the founders of Plant Juice Oils were sheltering in place. After talking with friends about the difficulties of wearing a mask everyday, they knew they wanted to do something to help.

They understood the importance of wearing a mask to reduce the risk of infection but also knew firsthand that it can cause a lot of discomfort too. They developed the essential oil blends of the Mask It products to help with the side effects of daily mask wearing, from “mask breath” to “mask anxiety.”

Because, let’s face it. We wear our masks to help protect others against COVID-19. As the day goes on, our mask can get a lil funky and our mood can start to shift.

✔️ Zero Synthetics
✔️ Zero Perfumes
✔️ Third-Party Tested
✔️ Safe for travel and airports (all products contain 0% THC)

Face Mask Sprays

The sprays have become a staple for essential workers and anyone who wears a mask for an extended period of time. From TV journalists to magazine editors to nurses, restaurant workers, hair stylists, educators and everyone in between, our Mask It sprays have helped take mask wearing from just bearable to refreshing.

“My first reaction: Wow! My second: Why didn’t I think of this? From now on, I won’t be leaving home without…my new fragrant pick-me-up.”

Gayle King

Editor-in-Chief of O, The Oprah Magazine

“Mask It made working a full shift with a mask bearable. After a couple sprays, breathing with a mask is very refreshing.”

Eddie Shehu

Joe's Pasta-N-Pizza

“These face mask sprays are nice. I really like the calming scent of the RELAX blend.”

Dan Failor

Artistic Salon

“Using the UPLIFT spray in my mask has definitely given me the boost of happy energy I need to motivate my little artists.”

Cathy Smith

Carefree Colors Painting Studio

Hear more about the origin of Mask It and Plant Juice Oils in the recent video below with Robin Roberts and one of our founders, Amber Laign.

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